Consent / Health / Early Departure Forms

A completed Consent and Approval form is required for all members participating in any activity outside the Group Headquarters.

Consent Form Under 18


A completed Health form is required for all members participating in an overnight activity such as a Camp.

Health Form


The policy of the Scout Association of Malta and that of the Fgura Scout Group requires the specific permission of a parent or legal guardian before allowing any member under the age of 18 years to leave any meeting, activity or camp early and unattended.

Early Departure Form

Non Cash Payments to FSG

New Scout Uniform & Badge Visuals

Beaver Uniform
Pack Uniform
Troop Uniform
Venture Unit Uniform
Rover Crew Uniform
Adult Leaders Uniform

  • Wed 20th Jan 1800-1900 Beavers - Life-cycle of Frog & Butterflies @Virtual
  • Fri 22nd Jan 1845-2000 Pack - Sessions (+LB and +MOB) @Online
  • Sat 23rd Jan 0900-1200 Troop - Bike Hike/ Hike Joint with Unit (+LB) @See description
  • Sat 23rd Jan 0900-1200 Unit - Bike hike with Troop @see description
  • Sat 23rd Jan 1000 onwards Crew - Rover's ceremony @Laferla cross
  • Fri 29th Jan 1900 onwards Troop - AGM @Online