Consent / Health / Early Departure Forms

A completed Consent and Approval form is required for all members participating in any activity outside the Group Headquarters.

Consent Form Under 18


A completed Health form is required for all members participating in an overnight activity such as a Camp.

Health Form


The policy of the Scout Association of Malta and that of the Fgura Scout Group requires the specific permission of a parent or legal guardian before allowing any member under the age of 18 years to leave any meeting, activity or camp early and unattended.

Early Departure Form

New Scout Uniform & Badge Visuals

Beaver Uniform
Pack Uniform
Troop Uniform
Venture Unit Uniform
Rover Crew Uniform
Adult Leaders Uniform

  • Wed 19th Dec 1830-2130 Band - Christmas Party @HQ
  • Thu 20th Dec 1800-2330 Unit - Christmas activity @HQ
  • Sat 22nd Dec 0900-1400 Pack - Christmas Activity (+LB) @HQ
  • Wed 9th Jan 1800-1900 Beavers - New Lodges and Games @HQ
  • Sat 12th Jan 1130-1330 Pack - Reshuffle of Sixes (+MOB) & (+LB) @HQ
  • Wed 16th Jan 1800-1930 Beavers - Quiz Esperti Zghar @HQ